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"Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.”
  - The Golden Rule*

Patient Advocacy Services was formed to support fair, equitable and respectful patient care throughout the healthcare system. We believe this can be largely achieved by more consistent and effective communication between the parties.

Communication is the core value with the most impact. When communication is working well, the healthcare provider is typically more sensitive to the patient’s needs, can diagnose more effectively and develop a treatment plan that is patient-centered, humane, and respectful of patient values.  At the same time, good communication helps give the patient a better understanding of his or her illness, as well as the proposed treatment and care plan. This can improve patient compliance and outcome, a win-win situation for both provider and patient.

As advocates the objective is to provide patients and their families with reliable information regarding their choices of physicians and treatment options, so that they truly have based their decision on “informed consent” which is an understanding of their particular situation, who is available, what can be done, the therapeutic benefits and adverse effects/risks of all treatment options.

The importance in advocacy is to empower the individual. This is done through personal support, as well as to encourage participation with associated groups so the individual knows that they are not alone.

“Knowledge is power.”
  - Sir Francis Bacon, 1597

Patient Advocacy Services believes, an educated patient is a better patient. The more information you have, the better your choices will be. But we don’t just provide information; we help you sort through it, understand and clarify it, helping to sharpen your perspective and grasp on your medical condition and how it can best be treated.

Patient Advocacy Services is about ordinary people who do not want their own healthcare experiences repeated. Our goal is that clients obtain peace of mind. Our function is to manage the client's expectations by providing information that increases their understanding, instilling confidence, empowering the individual to take charge of their health care and be comfortable doing so.


A fee-based organization in Los Angeles serving Southern California

7610 Beverly Blvd., Box 480293, Los Angeles, CA 90048
PHONE: (323) 203 – 0456 FAX: (323) 210 – 7418

* The Golden Rule is an ethical code that states one has a right to just treatment, and a responsibility to ensure justice for others. Also called,
the ethic of reciprocity, it is arguably the most essential basis for the modern concept of human rights.
Note: Patient Advocacy Services is a fee-based organization with strategic alliances for services requiring a licensed medical professional.
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