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The mission of Patient Advocacy Services is to work with individuals to realize a positive and beneficial healthcare experience, and ensuring their rights are honored and respected. This is accomplished through fostering improved communication and rewarding interaction between the physician and patient, so the needs of both are met.

Patient Advocacy Services can manage a wide and often complex range of issues, allowing you to focus more on health and healing. Retaining our services can give comfort and peace of mind in times of stress and uncertainty, further supporting your wellness and recovery. To contact us in order to begin a dialog about retaining our services, simply click on the Request a Proposal link and follow the steps listed. We will reply at our first opportunity.

In order to facilitate and foster education to a much broader population, Patient Advocacy Services (PAS) will consider mutually advantageous affiliations with groups who support patient advocacy in order to expand its reach. Organizations wishing to develop a strategic alliance may initiate the dialog by sending a proposal either by Email or Fax outlining the partnership/alliance benefits.

Fax: (323) 210-7418. E-mail:

Information or literature about Patient Advocacy Services is contained within this Web site.

Individuals seeking the assistance of an advocate should refer to the Request a Proposal page. The steps provided, helps us respond in an efficient, timely manner. Given the personalized approach required, along with the amount of field work we provide to our clients, we are not typically available by phone most business days. If you do prefer to leave a voicemail for us, we will make every effort to respond as quickly as possible. However, we are usually assisting clients, and return calls Monday through Friday before 10:00 A.M. or after 6:00 P.M.

Patient Advocacy Services (PAS) believes that each prospective client is unique, with a one case at a time approach and philosophy. Each proposal is tailored to the unique needs of the client, who has provided Patient Advocacy Services with the information illustrated in the Request a Proposal section. You are encouraged to do so, in order to begin a dialog with the organization.

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