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Knowing When You Need Assistance

Managing the many aspects of your routine healthcare experience can be daunting when you’re well, let alone when you’re sick or injured. Finding the right physician, scheduling and keeping appointments, filling prescriptions, getting second opinions, considering alternative treatments, understanding and following a physicians orders and dealing with the bills as well as the insurance companies. All of these things are time consuming, often frustrating, and can be very difficult.

Take a moment to look at the generic statements and questions which follow. If you answer any of the statements or questions in a positive manner, it is very likely that Patient Advocacy Services can assist you. If you answer any of the statements in a positive manner, you more than likely need help.

Do you say to yourself or to others:

  1. I am not getting answers to my questions from my doctor.
  2. I am not sure what questions I should ask my doctor.
  3. I don’t feel my doctor(s) is giving me enough face time to diagnose my symptoms properly.
  4. I think my doctor orders too many tests without discussing the reasons or the results with me.
  5. I cannot keep up with the amount of paperwork.
  6. I am not sure that insurance will cover this.
  7. I am overwhelmed, and do not know what to handle first.
  8. I cannot physically do _____________.
  9. I cannot remember all of the _______________.
  10. I do not have any support close by.

Do you often wonder and ask yourself or others:

  1. Could my doctor do a better job of answering my questions?
  2. Could I do a better job of asking the questions?
  3. How can my doctor(s) form their diagnosis in such a minute time frame?
  4. Why isn’t my doctor discussing the reasons for ordering tests, and providing
    me with the results?
  5. Do I want someone to help me understand all of the paperwork?
  6. Do I understand my insurance policy and associated benefits?
  7. Do I feel overwhelmed by all the decisions I have to make?
  8. Do I have trouble physically managing everything on my own?
  9. Do I sometimes forget all of the things I have to do relating to my health?
  10. Could I use more support?

We're ready to help. If you would like to find out what
Patient Advocacy Services can do for you, click on the Request a Proposal link for the steps the process will entail – from your initial Email expressing interest to the submission of our proposal.

Patient Advocacy Services tailors each of its proposals individually. Fees are determined only after we have secured the appropriate level of information to recommend an effective combination of services. The decision to work with Patient Advocacy Services is entirely up to you. Should you decide to retain our services, you can be sure that we will be an effective and reliable advocate, providing precisely the scope of work you need to get the most from your healthcare experience.

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