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Patient Advocacy Services appreciates the time you have taken to visit the Web site, and thanks you for your interest in having us work on your behalf.

Before submitting your Request a Proposal, please be aware of the following: 1) We are a fee-based organization working with individuals on a retainer basis; 2) Our services are not currently covered by medical/healthcare insurance; 3) Because of the type of service we provide, Patient Advocacy Services cannot be retained on an hourly basis.

Patient Advocacy Services provides clients with a personalized approach to their health care needs. Therefore, we will need to ask several questions to be able to develop a detailed plan of action for you. The questions are included in the Request a Proposal page, and will be covered as part of the initial telephone interview we will schedule with you. Please be prepared to provide as much of the information as you can in order for us to present a detailed Scope of Work Proposal. All the information you provide is confidential. Patient Advocacy Services does not disclose this information to any other party.

The Process of Engaging Our Services

STEP ONE: Send us an Email ( containing:
  1. Full name (first, last)
  2. Home address including city, state & zip code
  3. Home telephone
  4. Best telephone to contact you (if other than home)
  5. Best time to contact you
  6. Personal E-mail (we cannot reply to business email accounts)
  7. Preferred method of contact
  8. Time frame or urgency of needing an advocate
  9. Your relationship to the patient
  10. An overview of your specific situation and why you need an Advocate.
STEP TWO: Scheduling Telephone Time

Our initial conversation allows you to provide more information about your specific situation. To help you prepare for this call we have provided some points that we intend to cover. Please have this information available to help make our conservation as efficient as possible.

The information we collect will help us understand your specific situation and priorities. Once this two-step process is complete, we will be able to generate a tailored proposal outlining a plan of action and list of services we can provide.

Questions that will be asked during the call:

If you are comfortable with providing any of the information in your initial Email, please do so.
  1. Age of patient?
  2. Gender of patient?
  3. Patient diagnosis?
  4. Length of time individual has been ill?
  5. Present location of patient (home, hospital, skilled care facility, etc)?
  6. Your relationship to patient?
  7. The reason you believe an advocate is needed?
  8. Is the patient aware that a third-party is being sought to assist?
  9. Has the doctor provided you with the specific diagnosis? When? (date)
  10. How is your relationship with the physician?
  11. How is the patient’s relationship with the physician?
  12. Education level of patient?
  13. Does the patient speak English?
  14. Is the patient physically or mentally disabled?
  15. Does the patient understand the diagnosis?
  16. Is the patient scheduled to have surgery? If so, when?
  17. Is the patient living alone (no family in close proximity)?
  18. Is the patient able to make decisions for him/herself?
  19. Is the individual working or retired?
  20. Can you give a broad general description of the patient? (i.e., elderly woman with early onset Alzheimer’s who can be passive then aggressive and hard to control, requiring sedation).
  21. How are the medical bills being paid? Private insurance or Medicare?
  22. What is the biggest concern?
  23. What is the biggest day-to-day problem?
  24. What have you already considered as options?
  25. What would you like Patient Advocacy Services to handle?
  26. Reasons for selecting those specific tasks?
  27. Can patient afford to compensate Patient Advocacy Services?
STEP THREE: The Proposal

Our proposals fully detail the scope of work we recommend based on the information you have provided. The proposed retainer fee is based on the scope of work. We will gladly discuss the proposal with you or consider revisions at your request. Once it meets with your approval we will submit a final proposal (if revised) for your signature and initial retainer.

Thank you for your interest in having Patient Advocacy Services work on your behalf.

Due to privacy laws, please use your home address and E-mail. We are prevented from sending you an E-mail or other correspondence to your workplace


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